Weigh-Fill and Powder Dispensing
We at Lennox-Gentle Automation produce the most accurate, fast and repeatable weigh, fill and check weigh systems available in the industry today. Let us tailor a system to meet your specific requirements.
Our expert team has engineered solutions for:
- Precision Dispensing (0.5 - 20 g ±1 mg)
- Bulk Dispensing (20 - 1000 g ± 0.25 g)
- Vibratory Powder Dispensing
- Volumetric Powder Dispensing
- Statistical Process Monitoring
- Integration w/ Conveyor, Robot Cell, etc.
- Standalone/Benchtop Systems
- Class I Div. I/Class II Div. I Environments
Two identical Pre-Weigh, Fill and Post Weigh Stations Integrated Into a single Machine
30 parts per minute +/- 0.001 gm
Fill and Weigh Station With Dual Vibratory Feeders
15 parts per minute +/- 0.002 gm
Fill and Weigh Stations With Single Vibratory Feeder
5 parts per minute +/- 0.010 gm